By invitation of the Leiria City Council and on the occasion of the celebration of the “Day of the Municipality”, David Fonseca produced the special “Songs From Home”, an audiovisual content filmed at his home studio in which interprets some of his most representative songs. This video will premiere tomorrow at Leiria City Council social platforms.

This “Songs From Home” was entirely produced by David Fonseca who, in addition to the voice and all the instrumentation, filmed, edited and directed this special concert. The transmission will take place tomorrow, May 22, starting at 10 pm, at the CC Leiria facebook page – LINK

David Fonseca_Songs Frome Home_still 4

It all started at Reixida, in that building next to the primary school. The first rehearsals with Silence 4 would have been there. But in reality, the official version does not always confirm the reality, and with David Fonseca it was no different – it all started at “home”, in his room, with his first guitar. And it will also be from “home”, on the 22nd of May, that will arrive an unprecedented performance specially produced for this special day, in which David Fonseca will visit some of his most celebrated songs. After all it’s party day!

 It will be a different moment from all the others occurred in the city. Few will remember the performance in the old space of Orfeão or the passage through Stressless, done in the last century. Many, we believe, will remember the recent concerts at the José Lúcio da Silva Theater or the Municipal Stadium – always present, the challenge. The challenge of thrilling and surprising.

 Let us not forget that it is 20 years of a unique artistic journey, inspired and inspiring for so many others, who from Leiria, have spilled their creativity around the world.

 David Fonseca – “Songs From Home” and we would add, “for his hometown”.