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David Fonseca was one of the headliners of the “Douro Rock” festival 2019 edition. Held last weekend in Régua, the festival had in “Radio Gemini” one of its highlights.

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Responsible for the closing of the first night after concerts of Clã, Dino De Santiago and ProfJam, David Fonseca took to Régua the show he has been presenting this year in outdoor events. Based on “Radio Gemini”, the concert runs through his latest album of originals evoking the two decades of music celebrated last year.

The website “Canela e Hortelã” (LINK) highlighted the performance by referring to David’s performative capacity and to the luminotechnical and scenographic richness – “(…) The introductions, the jingles, the twist of voices reminiscent of a radio program , backed by fantastic lighting scenarios and the acclaimed David Fonseca, the sound of “Lullaby” and “Lazy” are some of the unforgettable moments (…) “; “(…) David Fonseca, extraordinary, throws up the missing theme – of the many who missed it !:“ Oh, My Heart, ”with red heart-shaped confetti“ gliding ”across the room. (Almost) two hours of a concert that time cannot measure! ”

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The evening photos by André Macedo show a little of the unique character of David Fonseca’s stage performances. Follow the agenda (LINK) and be present at one of the scheduled shows.

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