David Fonseca has a new song! “Get Up” is its title and marks the return of David Fonseca to new songs after the adventure through David Bowie’s repertoire with the album “Bowie 70” earlier this year.

Not that David has not accustomed us to surprise, yet there is clearly something unexpected in “Get Up” – the assumption of electronic sounds, the nod to soul, the wink of eye to Marvin or the luminosity are attributes recognized in the song. And something else stands out: an unusual interpretive ability. “Get Up” allows David Fonseca a single vocal record in his discography.

In “Get Up” David Fonseca counted on himself, assuming beyond the authorship, all the instrumentation, something that although regular in his work, it is impressed by the resources that the musician of Leira carries. “Get Up”, perhaps more than other compositions of his own, also reinforces the refinement that David has imposed on his writing over the years, a song which a  superficial hearing can distract from the true sense that “Get Up” has.

Is this the first track on a new album? The first single? Unanswered questions for now but anyone who knows David Fonseca knows that creative restlessness rarely brings him to a great deal of silence even further as 2018 approaches, a year that will be 20 years since the publication of “Silence Becomes It”,  Silence 4’s first record which made us discover David Fonseca.

“Get Up” arrives now  at radios and digital platforms and the lyric video can be seen HERE.

Oh baby get up …