“Futuro Eu” on the road

David fonseca_face 2016

With the weekend arriving, David Fonseca continues the presentation of his latest album with concerts tomorrow at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Sintra, and the next day, the 19th, at Teatro Muncipal da Guarda. A return to music halls known by David and where he usually play whenever a new album is released.

Started in late October 2015, the “Futuro Eu” support tour sees this this week to be announced two more shows – at Teatro Virgínia on April 2nd; and, the premiere of “Futuro Eu” in Açores, at Teatro Micaelense in Ponta Delgada, on April 23.

Probably one of the most ambitious productions ever presented on stage, “Futuro Eu” has till now have been made only in indoors format, with concerts in Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg. About David Fonseca and the experience of “Futuro Eu” on stage, Teresa Colaco commented in an article at Blitz – “As soon as the curtain rises and the first chords of” Futuro Eu” were heard, the public was introduced to an interesting scenario. This time, there are giant hands to insure also increased objects (the same present in the four different covers that the record had), a screen that is divided into five and sometimes turns into a mirror and a remarkable lighting plan” and goes on “the new songs are the main focus of the night, starting with the first two singles from the last album could be risky but David Fonseca seems to be completely comfortable with not only the new songs but also their relationship with the past ones “Não dês só para tirar” and “Deixa a tua voz depois do tom” marry quite well with “A Cry 4 Love” are of the same father daughters. The result is a balance in the whole setlist, passing for now quiet moments (“Someone That Can not Love”, “Deixa ser” and “Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me”) sometimes euphoric ( “Superstars” and “Stop 4 a Minute” the latter with David to emerge in the middle of the audience for a guitar solo)”.

Soon, the first open air dates will be announced including presences at the most important events and national festivals. For the second part of the tour, David Fonseca promises surprises and the recovery of some old repertoire (see the video here recently distributed to national promoters – LINK)

Meanwhile, by the invitation of Médicos do Mundo,  David will participate next March 22 in the solidarity concert to be held at Teatro Tivoli, joining to Sérgio Godinho, Camané, Jorge Palma, Pedro Abrunhosa and John Só, among others. Also that day will be known if the song “Chama-me que eu vou,” one of “Futuro Eu” singles will be elected “Best Popular Music Song” at Authors Awards 2016 awarded by the Portuguese Authors’ Society.

In radio, “Deixa Ser”, the song interpreted with Márcia is the  highlight and soon will be to included at the soundtrack of a new fiction for SIC – see it HERE