Plastic Palace People

David Fonseca released yesterday on his social platforms a recording of the song “Plastic Palace People”, an original by Scott Walker, versioned in May 2013 in a concert held at the Teatro José Lúcio da Silva in the company of the Orquestra de Jazz de Leiria directed by César Cardoso.

The memory was motivated by the disappearance of the musician and a way of honoring the legacy he left to pop music. David wrote: “Scott Walker’s voice had never crossed my musical discoveries, but I have often seen mentioned his name as a reference to many of my favorite musicians, so I have come to investigate it. Quickly become  a reference for me, from the Walker Brothers to his latest, radically experimental exploration, an outsider of the most brilliant of our times. In 2013, when I was invited by the Leiria Jazz Orchestra for a collaboration, I suggested that we play two Scott Walker’s songs, this is one of my favorites. Scott, wherever you are, this is for you. ”

Listen HERE