“You Feel Like Home” is a theme written by David Fonseca during the quarantine period we are going through. Recorded and produced at home, the song is sung in half with a debutant in these games, Ana Sofia Martins. The video, made on the floor of the house with the help of a board game in an original way, helps to tell the story of the song and its actors.

David Fonseca: “I started writing songs at a very young age as a way to externalize my inner world. As a teenager, I was naturally shy and spent days left to myself in a voluntary reclusion proper to the age tribulations. At that time, I learned one of the most important things of all: after much boredom and too much self-indulgence, I found that creativity was one of the most luminous responses to any moment of loneliness. Almost all of the most difficult moments of my life have had a response to creativity, making them something more positive, easier to carry. I started by using photography as a mean, but music was always the most present element that led me to what I am today.

Having arrived this far and at the difficult time that we all go through, my impetus is the same: to create. Doing something that transforms the days,that brings it closer to what we want to do with it and not what these days want to do to us. Creating is a way to keep our autonomy, our freedom alive. That said, I put all these lessons into practice and wrote a song that addresses the notion of home in this time of isolation. Recorded entirely at home, I counted on the talent of those who share this moment with me and that made it even more fun to perform, my wife Ana Sofia. Mixed and mastered remotely by two of my musicians (Nuno Simões and Paulo Pereira), the song ended up being the target of a lyric video from a board game, a task of days that made it worth the widespread mess of a of the house’s divisions.

It is a time to take care, take care of those who need it most. For those who stay at home, I leave the challenge of creating something new, however simple it may seem. At the end of it all, we will have more than one story to tell. ”


Ana Sofia Martins: “Being in isolation with someone like David is a constant challenge of trying to keep up with his pace and creativity. Doing this duet was a surprise and a way of reaching people’s lives completely different from what I’m used to. The video part helped me to better understand being on this side of the camera, even as an assistant. “You feel like home” is the song that took me out of my comfort zone and changed the narrative of what would be expected from my 2020. And the best part is that I loved it! ”

The song is available on all digital platforms, just follow the LINK