David Fonseca is one of the most charismatic Portuguese voices. Born in Leiria, his first band Silence 4 imposed itself as the biggest and most astonishing phenomenon on the recent years of Portuguese music.

During 2001 Silence 4 went on their last tour and, in 2002, they stopped their activities.

They also released a DVD and a double live album from their last concert in one of the most famous venues in Lisbon: the Coliseu dos Recreios.



“Sing Me Something New” (2003) was the title of David Fonseca’s debut album as a solo artist, playing nearly all instruments and exploring his composer and performer sides more than ever.

“Someone That Cannot Love”, the first single, was a #1 hit on airplay for several months. To promote the album, David Fonseca, played on 20 universities around the country, something never seen before on Portugal.

The second single, “The 80’s” was chosen by VODAFONE to be the song for their Summer advertising campaign and became an instant hit. A successful tour followed for 2 years.



In 2004, he joined a Portuguese supergroup called Humanos, along with Manuela Azevedo and Camané, giving his voice to never before heard songs from the mythical António Variações, a loved gone composer and singer from the 80’s.

This tribute album was multi-platinum (+120.000 units) and stayed in #1 for weeks. This project ended with 3 memorable shows: Coliseu de Lisboa and Coliseu do Porto, and also at Sudoeste Festival for 40.000 people.



In 2005, David was ready to release his second solo album, “Our Hearts Will Beat As One”. The first single, “Who Are U?”, reached #3 on the airplay charts and confirmed David as one of the greatest Portuguese songwriters.“Our Hearts Will Beat As One” went straight to #1 on Sales Chart and reached Gold Status on the first week of sales. It was critically acclaimed by all media and was considered POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR in Portugal even before the year-end.

The following single, “Hold Still”, showed the crooner side of David in a duet with Rita Redshoes, becoming a MTV favorite for its ground-breaking video. Recorded in London, it won several awards, including “Best Video Of The Year” on the Vimus international music video festival.

The 3rd single, “Our Hearts Will Beat As One”, became a musical revolution all around and set a different tone for David’s career. The arty and film-like video, one of the most amazing videos ever done in Portugal, went straight to #1 on MTV Hit List and remained in the chart for months. He was also nominated for the 2006 MTV European Music Awards (also in 2003 and 2005).

The “Our Hearts Will Beat As One” Tour had numerous presentations, like the Sudoeste Festival in 2006, as well as the unforgettable concert in November, to a sold out Aula Magna (one of the most important venues in Lisbon), and it confirmed once more, David Fonseca as a writer, a composer, a musician and a performer.



In July 2007, David Fonseca released the first single (“Superstars”), an upbeat song with a contagious whistle, became a summer hit and set the tone for the new record “Dreams in Colour”, leading the radio charts for weeks. The video was directed by David once again achieving an immediate online success. A strong mixture of melancholic lyrics and joyful sounds, turned David’s indie and 80’s influences into mainstream anthems.

The reaction to David Fonseca’s new work couldn’t be better: the song was still on the radio Airplay Top Ten three months after “Dreams in Colour” release (October 2007), just like the last single “Kiss me, oh kiss me”.

Also the video “Superstars”, David Fonseca’s debut has a director, has become the most watched musical video at SAPO platform, with more than 49.000 hits, and more than 120.000 views in youtube. David Fonseca was designated Artist of the Year by Blitz magazine readers.

david fonseca dreams in colour 1


2008 starts with the following of Dreams in Colour Live Tour, where David Fonseca plays in the majority of Portugal’s auditoriums, always sold out. Once again, just like in 2007, he was invited to play at one of the world’s most prestigious festivals – South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to present his last solo work, only with his guitar and a loop station.

The highest point of this tour was in April, at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon (sould out). This production was made with such detail that proved once more all the creativity and talent David Fonseca has.

2008 was also the year for the first steps in David’s career internationalization. A new perspective from the European market was gained with the release of “Dreams in Colour” in Italy, Greece and in Spain; and also with the performance at the MTV Greece opening in Athens; In Milan with Gabriela Cilmi and One Republic, and as opening act for the British band Keane in Madrid and Barcelona.

In the end of the 2008 “12.04.08 COLISEU – DREAMS IN COLOUR LIVE”, his first solo DVD, was released in the end of 2008, a memento of the amazing night in April at Coliseu dos Recreios. It was #1 on the week of its release and was Gold Record.

Beside being awarded Platinum Record for the first time in his career, David Fonseca saw his singles “Superstars” and “Kiss me, oh kiss me” become #1 on the Portuguese National Airplay Top, and also crossed the country and performed in the main festivals.

david fonseca dreams in colour 9


2009 is the year for a new work, new songs, new concerts…but 2009 was also the year to return for the third time to the South by Southwest Festival and also to Spain: Madrid (Sala Heineken), Barcelona (Bikini) and Terrassa (Faktoria D’Arts).

In July we had a peek of his new album (released in November) “Between Waves”, when David Fonseca presented it’s first single “A Cry 4 Love”.

This new album was composed and written only by David, just like he did on “Sing Me Something New”, and it’s a return to the performance of almost all the instruments in this album: electric and acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass, synths, percussion, among others.

David Fonseca continues to innovate… this time by creating a new online community, based on www.davidfonseca.com, called “Amazing Cats Club”. The name is inspired by the name of his label and studio “The Castle of the Amazing Cats”, and it pretends to gather all David Fonseca’s enthusiasts.



David spent most of 2010 touring “Between Waves” in Portugal and Spain, also performing an acoustic live set at South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin-Texas.

In the end of the year, he took an adventurous task in his hands and decided to go on tour on his own, playing all instruments on stage in a never-seen-before kind of show. He called it “One Man, a Thousand instruments and a Polaroid” and became one of the fast selling tours of all time. With every single venue – not only in Portugal but also in Spain – sold out, he took the idea of one-man show beyond any kind of label and turned it into something of his own.

Meanwhile the Between Waves tour continued with concerts in Portugal but also abroad. For the first time David Fonseca played in Brazil – in Rock in Rio Festival and also in São Paulo 8SP Studio) and Odisseia Theatre (Rio de Janeiro). He played in Carballeira de Caldas de Reis and Cáceres too where he received the award for “Pop-Eye Artista Revelación Europeo” (Spain).



David Fonseca reserved for 2012 one of the greatest artistic challenges of his career – to tell a year of his life through his songs. The result is “Seasons”, a work divided into two records: “Rising”, the first volume, released on March 21st, and “Falling”, the second, released on the 21st September.

“Seasons – Rising: Falling” is then complete, making it the fifth album of David Fonseca’s solo career, showing us an artist in his creative peak deepening sonorities that were already present in his later albums though never in a way so striking. If “Seasons – Rising:”, the 1st volume, reinforced this idea by integrating into his eclectic musical universe the electronica and the rock, with songs like “What Life is For” or “Armageddon”; in “Seasons – Falling”, David explores, as ever, the songwriting essence, giving us songs of unusual emotionality such as “All That I Wanted”, the first single taken from the second part of this musical adventure.

Keeping the partnership with Nelson Carvalho for the production, David Fonseca has on “Seasons – Falling” two complete new collaborations – with the portuguese Luísa Sobral on “It Shall Pass” and with the Brazilian Mallu Magalhães on the song “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday “.

David Fonseca_Capa_Seasons_Rising