David Fonseca sings at “The Meaning Of Life”

O sentido da vida

David Fonseca participated last weekend in the shooting of the new project of Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, the documentary “The Sense of Life.”

David’s collaboration is concretized through a (re)interpretation of the song “Havemos de ir a Viana”, an original by Pedro Homem de Melo with music by Alain Oulman immortalized in the voice of Amália Rodrigues.

Regarding this challenge, David told to Lusa: “No music is untouchable, all songs are possible for a person to reinterpret. This is the wonder of songs: A person can pick them up and turn them into something else. (…) The song, like almost all fados, has a hidden melancholy. And the search for the meaning of life turns out to be a trip a little bit between everything, tragedy and comedy. The song is very merry, but the letter has a brake either to a thing far “.

The filming took place precisely in Viana do Castelo, city where the narrative of the film will end. Miguel Gonçalves Mendes will also count with other musical collaborations from all over the world such as Maria Bethânia, Shigeru Umebayash, Soley Stefánsdóttir or Kumiko Tsumori, as well as the portuguese Camané, Márcia, Dead Combo and Noiserv.

More information about “The Sense of Life” HERE