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With an impressive cast of portuguese artists: Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley), Ana Moura, Aurea, António Zambujo, Camané, Catarina Salinas (Best Youth), Márcia, Marta Ren, Manuela Azevedo (Clã), Rita Redshoes, Rui Reininho (GNR) and David Fonseca himself lend their voices to some of David Bowie’s most iconic songs.
It’s called “BOWIE 70,” and it arrives precisely in the year Bowie turns 70 and features the production and interpretation of all musical instruments by David Fonseca.
It will hit stores on 17.02.17, being in a pre-sales period at the iTunes from 20.01.17.
In David’s words: “The idea of making versions of David Bowie scared me a little bit because I’m a huge fan of his work, and a lot of the songs intersect with my personal story. More than an album of versions, it’s more of a kind of a fan love letter”.
Meanwhile, yesterday, January 8th, “chameleon” birthday, social media revealed some information about the versioned songs as well as video teasers in which the performers talk about David Bowie’s music and reveal a bit of each song sonority:

  1. “Absolute Beginners” – Tiago Bettencourt – trailer
  2. “Modern Love” – Manuela Azevedo – trailer
  3. “Let´s Dance” – Afonso Rodrigues – trailer
  4. “Life on Mars?” – António Zambujo – trailer
  5. “Space Oddity” – Camané – trailer
  6. “Blue Jean”- Catarina Salinas – trailer
  7. “Fame” – Marta Ren – trailer
  8. “Heroes” – Rita Redshoes – trailer
  9. “This is Not America” – Márcia – trailer
  10. “The Man Who Sold The World” – Ana Moura – trailer
  11. “Starman” – Aurea – trailer
  12. “Where Are We Now?” – Rui Reininho – trailer
  13. “Lazarus” – David Fonseca – trailer


More news soon. Until then, follow the project here and at the official pages: